testo covide

In Italy around 15% of the people infected are doctors and nurses due to lack of equipment. They are the only ones that can save you and the people you love. We are known for making eyewear. Help us to purchase 500 medical goggles. We will donate them to Italian White Cross and follow the donation through photos. These safety goggles are certified EN166 as devices capable of repairing from splashes, debris and other particles. Functionally may be utilized by medical healthcare personnel as well.

Croce Bianca Milano Onlus is a Voluntary Association of First Aid and Public Assistance born in Milan in 1907, whose mission is the health care of citizens. With over five thousand volunteers, in 2019 the Croce Bianca carried out more than seventy-seven thousand missions on behalf of 118, transported thirty-four thousand nephropathic patients and one hundred thousand patients for transfers and partner services healthcare.

Covid19 Emergency Donation

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