For the SS24 collection, Retrosuperfuture approaches eyewear from a 360 degree approach. Particularly attentive to creating pieces that will be worn and loved beyond a single season, this collection features a selection of contemporary classics with the brand’s signature fresh twist – models that reinterpret timeless eyewear design with a savvy modern approach to style – as well as research-led, innovative pieces created for those embracing a more experimental yet carefully crafted styles.
Crossing realms and connecting the unexpected are at the forefront of RSF's thoughts when designing eyewear, whether the result is technical and experimental or, as in this specific case, where elements from various inspirations come together to form a solid, staple piece. Motore came to this earth with an athletic core, but gradually matured with time and thanks to its evolution this design grew into an elegant and fashion forward piece that boasts a strong confident character.
New RSF Icon: Caro
With time, the Caro really proved to be Cherished by someone, actually, by many. Becoming a favorite of the brand. Crossing oceans, borders and cultures - evolving into a universally recognisable shape.
For the Fall/Winter 2023 collection, RETROSUPERFUTURE has created a line of Sun and Optical glasses that seek to reimagine everyday eyewear by emphasising unique volumes, imperfect geometries and fresh statement color research. Eclectic, original forms – oval, squared or face embracing masks – highlight RSF’s signature approach to design: reshaping iconic archival pieces with a modern, street edge.
Retrosuperfuture introduces a special new design to the roster. Bones is a unique hybrid between an oversized embracing sports shield, a single high fashion frame and a raver’s dream. Scheduled to hit the streets, beaches and clubs for Summer as an anticipation of the FW23 collection.
Following the ten year release of Retrosuperfuture’s black & gold Francis series, the Storia and Colpo take over a new flashy, colourfully chromed attire. A banging orange, flashy green, rich purple and deep blue are introduced for this new exclusive series, which are topped off with a sexy script engraving in the metal, all meticulously tone-on-tone.
RSF SS23 Metal Collection
For the SS23 RSF proposes a new vision of modern street aesthetics, characterized by a mix of low-riding and oversized sunglasses, each oozing with character. This season also welcomes the return of more prominent and experimental metal silhouettes. Spazio and Stereo redefine sleek metal construction with their unexpected geometries and thick rims.
For Spring/Summer 2023 collection, RSF reaffirms its unique brand ethos: a desire to create sunglasses that are both fresh and playful yet designed with an eye for timelessness and functionality.
RSF rethinks and relaunches its iconic black and gold Francis series in occasion of its 10 year birthday. Since 10 in Roman numerals is X, Retrosuperfuture updated the engraving on the shiny gold temples with the brand’s X logo for its 10 year relaunch.
An exceptional collection of exclusive new silhouettes have been designed to welcome the upcoming Fall/Winter season. RETROSUPERFUTURE presents a collection of eyewear that will match the desire for bolder, more outward-looking personal style. This season features a mix and match of models designed both for sleek everyday style, as well as cutting-edge statements.
Just in time for the final Summer days and dancing Summer festivals, RETROSUPERFUTURE re-introduces a freshly updated release of one the brand’s iconic silhouettes: ZED. Conceived as a stand-out model, ZED is an identity-defying shield, characterized by a fluid approach to design at the intersection of RSF’s urban lifestyle and technical influence of the sportswear world. Capturing the contemporary zeitgeist with its oversized shape and high-tech features.
For the Spring/Summer 2022 season, RSF has created a selection of sunglasses that push fwd the brand’s DNA and pillars: Iconic eyewear designs to elevate everyday style as well as defining silhouettes that capture and define the moment and contemporary vision. With a commitment to focus on essential, timeless design, this season’s collection eschews meaningless overabundance for a slower, more curated and sustainable approach that values craftsmanship, quality and style that lasts beyond the season.
RSF Cruise Collection
With the arrival of the holiday season, the freshest contemporary style can be found either around the ski slopes or under tropical sunshine. Marcelus and Babilonia evoke high-end, deeply rooted heritage and iconic inspiration of signature RSF design.
This season RETROSUPERFUTURE presents a streamlined collection of high-end, versatile eyewear, continuing its signature research on chunky acetate frames. Known for its craftsmanship, rigorously Made in Italy, RSF’s frames stand out for their carefully balanced construction that matches aesthetic research with an emphasis on comfort and day-to-day use. For Fall/Winter 2021, eight new Sun silhouettes and seven Optical frames propose a vision of style that is determined and essential, but with a touch of signature RSF irreverence. Unexpected profiles, sculpted forms and bold acetate construction mark the seasonal selection of frames.
This season, RETROSUPERFUTURE has distilled the essence of contemporary eyewear into a streamlined collection of iconic pieces. Blending high-end aesthetic research with a commitment to everyday wearability, fit and functionality, RSF’s eyewear stands out as a true contemporary original with an edge. Designed for a moment in history marked by a wider rethinking of values and priorities, this season’s collection can be seen as a powerful statement of purpose and a celebration of RSF’s authenticity.
Known for its sharp, uncompromising approach to design, this season RETROSUPERFUTURE has produced a cult collection that matches timeless references with forward looking contemporary aesthetics. From Sun to Optical, the season’s fresh new models have been designed by playing with geometries and lines, sculpting thick acetate rims for both functional lightness as well as style.
For the FW19 collection, RSF designers have placed emphasis on re-interpreting the iconic sun models in a genuine optical version, as well as studying a series of new bold signature designs. Featuring a wide range of frames, the Optical line is the key focal point of the season.
Made from Retrosuperfuture’s signature Italian acetate, the SS19 collection blends the elegant lines of Italian casual design with the sharp visual language of the fashionistas. At the intersection of everyday function and sharp pop-culture references, the SS19 Optical collection brings Retrosuperfuture’s design edge to wide contemporary audiences.
The FW18 collection draws inspiration from timeless eyewear models and seasonal chromatic references to create a radical selection of contemporary sunglasses. In addition to a roster of newly-created silhouettes, Retrosuperfuture has redeveloped new colorways for its most iconic shapes. For the FW18 Optical collection, the brand has developed a selection of Optical frames that are lightweight, minimal, sleek and sophisticated, yet capture the cool, experimental appeal of contemporary aesthetic sensibility.
For the SS18 collection, Retrosuperfuture has researched and designed a line of sunglasses that works on new landscapes of eyewear design, from functional aesthetics, high-tech production systems to sophisticated eye-catching material finishes. The SS18 Optical line sets a new benchmark for innovative and stylistically eyewear design with its mix of evergreen designs, eclectic visual styles and sophisticated materials.
With research on new technologies, interpreted through aesthetic visual language, Retrosuperfuture FW17 collection brings together classic eyewear references with fresh design. The coming FW17 Optical collection features three different lines, each based on a specific set of materials, forming a selection of classy contemporary eyewear.
The SS17 collection is shaped by a return to Retrosuperfuture's origins, where contemporary culture meets urban style through layers of iconic references, meticulous research and innovative production processes. Fot the SS17 Optical collection, Retrosuperfuture introduces three lines of new avant–garde essentials.
Materials, shapes, colors and finishes are the essential elements of the FW16 collection. For the FW16 Optical collection, the brand’s designers have opted to reduce visual décor to the bare minimum, focusing, instead, on bridging comfort and style.
For the SS16 collection, Retrosuperfuture team put together a playful yet technical collection that splashes details of color and material into its continuous research within contemporary eyewear. Refined, elegant, minimal, yet eclectic, cutting-edge and original, the SS16 Optical collection proposes a bright selection of eyewear for an all-day everyday use.
Retrosuperfuture devotes its FW15 collection, defined by formal harmony and rationality, to Dieter Rams's radical and unapologetic view of creativity. The FW15 Optical collection embodies lightness, comfort and functionality in a series of shapes that fuse technological research with classical style.